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Valmont Signature Facial Treatments in Anaheim | DermLounge

For over three and a half decades, Valmont facials have been the paragon of aesthetic expertise, offering individuals moments of pure well-being and indulgence. Designed with precision, each facial brings forth unique benefits, fusing expertly crafted products with targeted massages, all centered on delivering unparalleled anti-aging results. Immersed in these treatments, clients are transported to a realm of near-meditation, emerging with invigorated energy and profound tranquility.

What is a Valmont Facial?

A Valmont facial is a luxurious skincare treatment originating from Switzerland, renowned for its rejuvenating and anti-aging properties. Integrating Valmont's signature products, this facial is a combination of Swiss tradition and advanced skincare techniques. Each session is meticulously tailored to address individual skin needs, ranging from concerns like dryness and uneven skin tone to more advanced signs of aging. The treatment often includes a thorough cleansing, precise exfoliation, application of masks, serums, and moisturizers, all infused with the premium ingredients Valmont is celebrated for. Beyond the visible benefits, a Valmont facial also offers a sensory experience, leaving one feeling pampered and relaxed, while the skin radiates with a youthful glow.

Valmont Signature Facials in Orange County

As 2022 dawned, La Maison Valmont unveiled a reimagined menu of facials, setting the stage for skin transformations that radiate youthful exuberance. The new Valmont facial treatments, the fruits of years of painstaking development, seamlessly meld innovative products, movements, and music, revamping the client experience.



- A deep hydration ritual that focuses on fluid flow within the skin.

- Marries intensive hydration with a gentle massage promoting lymphatic drainage and fluid circulation.

- Imparts immediate and long-lasting hydration; post-treatment trials indicate a 26.5% hydration boost that endures for a day.

- Perfect for individuals with parched, dehydrated skin or those desiring a moisture-rich, plump visage.



- An emblematic facial designed to dissipate signs of fatigue, bestowing a lively, radiant complexion.

- Oxygenates skin cells through an invigorating yet relaxing massage that targets the vascular system.

- A single session promises a 10.2% reduction in skin dullness.

- Ideal for those combating dull, lifeless skin, or urban dwellers seeking refuge from the fatigue induced by pollution.



- Concentrates on refining skin tone and texture to unveil a radiant and harmonious complexion.

- The unique decongesting massage, taking cues from facial reflexology, purges skin toxins, leading to an ethereal glow.

- A single session amplifies the skin’s light-reflecting ability by a staggering 70.1%.

- Tailored for clients eager to enhance skin texture and curtail irregularities, revealing a vibrant, luminous glow.



- A treatment specifically targeting lines and wrinkles.

- Offers a discernible smoothening effect, mitigating both surface-level and deeper wrinkles.

- The massage, focused on the fascia, employs deliberate, deep movements to alleviate muscle tension, resulting in a lifted appearance.

- After just one session, wrinkle density diminishes by 7%, making it the go-to choice for those seeking a firmer, more sculpted look.

Ingredients in Valmont Skincare Products

Valmont, hailing from Switzerland, is lauded in the skincare realm for its meticulous blending of nature's bounty with cutting-edge science. The brand's commitment to providing potent and rejuvenating skincare solutions can be traced to its judicious selection of ingredients. Here’s an overview of some of the key components that form the bedrock of Valmont's formulations:


1. Triple DNA: A star ingredient, Triple DNA is lauded for its exceptional moisture-binding properties and the ability to encourage cell regeneration. It supports the skin's natural defense mechanisms, promoting a youthful appearance.


2. Liposomed RNA: A potent cellular bioactivator, Liposomed RNA is crucial in repairing damaged cells and restoring their function. Its inclusion in Valmont products ensures improved skin texture and overall resilience.


3. Glacial Spring Water: Harvested from the Swiss mountains, this pristine water is rich in minerals, offering excellent hydration properties. Its purity ensures that it's gentle on even the most sensitive of skins while effectively moisturizing and detoxifying.


4. Plant Extracts: Valmont incorporates a myriad of plant extracts, from edelweiss to rosehip, harnessing their natural healing and revitalizing properties. These botanicals impart anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and hydrating benefits.


5. Peptides from the Matrix: These tiny powerhouses stimulate the dermal matrix components, boosting collagen and elastin production. The result? Firmer, plumper skin that exudes a youthful buoyancy.


6. HP DNA: Sourced from the milt of salmon, this ingredient offers powerful regenerative properties. Its antioxidative qualities combat free radicals, minimizing the signs of aging and environmental damage.


7. Essential Fatty Acids: These crucial ingredients bolster the skin's natural lipid barrier, ensuring hydration retention and safeguarding against potential irritants.


Every Valmont product is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and effectiveness. These ingredients, meticulously selected and blended, ensure that each application is a step towards radiant, resilient, and youthful skin. As an authorized seller of Valmont products, DermLounge is proud to offer our customers the opportunity to purchase the right Valmont skincare products to extend the benefits of your treatment until your next facial with us.

How Often Should I Get a Valmont Facial?

For optimum skin health and rejuvenation, DermLounge Anaheim recommends a consistent regimen of Valmont facials. However, the frequency can vary depending on individual skin concerns, goals, and the specific Valmont treatment selected. Here's a general guideline:


1. For Maintenance and Preventative Care: If you're looking to maintain radiant skin and prevent signs of aging, a monthly Valmont facial is ideal. Regular treatments will ensure continuous hydration, detoxification, and cell regeneration, keeping skin at its healthiest.


2. For Specific Skin Concerns: If you're addressing particular issues like dehydration, dullness, or signs of aging, the initial frequency might be higher. For instance, you may be advised to undergo a series of treatments every two weeks until desired results are achieved, followed by regular monthly maintenance.


3. Post-Treatment Care: After more intensive treatments or in combination with other skin procedures, DermLounge might recommend waiting a certain period before the next Valmont facial to allow the skin ample recovery time.


4. Seasonal Needs: Changes in weather can affect your skin. It might be beneficial to schedule a Valmont facial at the turn of each season, especially transitioning from summer to fall or winter to spring when skin can be especially sensitive or dehydrated.


5. Prior to Special Events: If you have a significant event like a wedding, reunion, or photoshoot, scheduling a Valmont facial a few days prior can ensure your skin looks its best.


However, the best approach is always personalized. During your initial consultation at DermLounge Anaheim, our skilled aestheticians will assess your skin's needs, discuss your goals, and recommend a tailored treatment frequency to ensure optimal results. Always remember, consistency is key to achieving and maintaining the glowing, healthy skin you desire.

Schedule a Valmont Facial in Orange County

From the deeply hydrating Hydration of the Bisses to the rejuvenating Energy of the Glaciers, each signature facial promises not just skin transformation, but a holistic sensory experience. With innovative movements, newly formulated products, and music that transports you to the Swiss mountains, Valmont facials at DermLounge Anaheim promise an unparalleled journey to revitalized and youthful skin. Whether you seek hydration, radiance, or anti-aging solutions, Valmont delivers with an undeniable touch of luxury.

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